Art is an Experience

Hi guys!

I’m so glad you’re here & that you’re interested in knowing more about our

Ladies Paintin’ Club!

This Online Art Club is for ladies of all ages. 

It’s a lot of fun!

I hope you’ll join us!

Creating Art...

Brings you into the present moment. Gets you in a flow state and you lose track of time.

Art connects us with others. You can enjoy creating art solo, but it can be so much fun when you make it a family event.

Reduces stress. Creating art is meditative. Being creative make us happy. Doing anything that brings us joy, improves our quality of life.

→ Encourages creative thinking so you can think outside the box, become more creative, and build self-confidence.

“Let today be the start of something new.”

What you will receive in Mel's Paintin' Tribe's monthly Membership

You will receive 2 Acrylic Step by Step paintings tutorials each month..  
Inside our Facebook groups they will receive a printable template, supply list, color list, reference photo & a step by step video tutorial. You will also get instant access to over 75 tutorials in our group as soon as you join.
We have lots of fun stuff to learn & create in our Mel’s Paintin’ Tribe. 
Our painting group is a work at your own pace kind of group so that you never feel rushed. We just want them to have fun & enjoy the process. We also do some Watercolors & learn about color mixing and learn lots of fun new techniques and tips.
They will have access to all the Tutorials for as long as they remain a member. I will be going Live in the Group at times to interact with eachnother and having Zoom Workshops too. I will record them for those who don’t want to join us on Zoom.
We also have a fun & creative community where there is no judgement, and they can share & learn from each other. 
I hope you’ll join us! It’s a lot of fun. The supplies you’ll need for our Club will be Canvases (any size) 9×12 or 11×14 are my favorite, or a Mixed Media Pad, Paint brushes, and acrylic/craft paint. That’s it! 

We do lots of fun games & giveaways as well.

**There’s no contract so you can cancel anytime!**
Come paint with us!

If you have any questions

Text “MelsPaintinTribe” to 1-559-425-0035 and I will answer any questions you have. 

We have 2 different options to choose from

ONLY $20 a month for Membership (You purchase your own supplies) 

ONLY $49.95 a month for PREMIUM Membership  (All supplies included) FREE SHIPPING! (SAVINGS OF $45)

Supplies will be shipped out on the 5TH of each month.