About me..

Hi guys!

My name is Melanie.. I am the owner/artist behind Paintin’ Tipsy.

I have been a creative soul for most of my life. I remember the time I got addicted to creating was when I was a teen. I would go to my brothers house and his then wife was super crafty. So I started doing fun stuff with her and it just stuck with me. So for years I have been creating everything under the sun. lol

I love working with all types of media. I would say my absolute favorite thing is painting with kids. Although I do love creating with my lady friends. It’s all so much fun and a huge blessing in my life. I have been creating online on and off over 10 years. I started but then life through a few curve balls my way so I took some time away but the creative nudge and this dream never went away. So I am here to stay this time. I know this is exactly where I am meant to be.. I hope you’ll join me in one of my fun groups. I hope to inspire, uplift and encourage whoever needs it. I hope to become friends and enjoy creating together.

Besides a creative soul I am a Mom to two amazing grown kids and Mimi to three of the most beautiful granddaughters which are all my whole world.

I look forward to having fun creating with you..

XO, Mel

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