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Hi guys! Are you ready for some fun?! We have lot’s of fun stuff to offer. We have fun Memberships, Paint Kits & Birthday Party fun! If you’re looking for easy things to paint, all of our DIY paint kits are achievable for the newbie artist. 

Skills Required: None. If you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, these projects will be a great place to start. 

This does not only benefit the younger members of the family. Even adults can take advantage of the creativity and fun of doing art together as a family. Let your imagination run free during your art sessions!


Want to have a FUN Birthday Paint Party @ home!! We have Paint Party in a Box! Comes delivered right to your door! You can have a small party or a big party!  It comes with all the supplies you need to finish your masterpieces including a step by step video tutorial! Text “PPIAB” to 1-559-425-0035 to order yours today! We have over 100 designs to choose from! 

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