Tuesday Tutorial Spring Bunny

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Loving this cute polka dot Spring Bunny! Here are some of the supplies & the colors for the base.

Look like Cotton Candy! 💕
Here is the twine I cut & painted green. I originally was going to do paper flowers but decided to paint straight on bunny. You’ll need orange & white in addition to colors above.
Cut out a bunny to trace. I hand drew this one bug you can print something out or just fold a piece of paper in half n the bunny will come out even on each sides.
Just trace with pencil or chalk.
I painted my bunny pink but you can paint yours any color you want.
I used a sponge to add polka dots
Now started adding your flowers 🌸
Once again any color you want. Add white circular streaks to make flower.
Add some leaves with green & white
Tuck in the painted jute & cut out a carrot from the brown paper bag. Glue it on canvas. Get a few squares of toilet paper & roll them into a tail.
& you’re done! 💕🎨🐰🌸 I hope you enjoyed this Tuesday Tutorial!
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